Should schools teach atheism? No. There’s no need to teach atheism. It’s the natural result of education without indoctrination.

Ricky Gervais (via blackatheists)

Of course. Every human is born without religious beliefs. There shouldn’t even be a word atheist because that’s what we all are naturally. (via sci-universe)

(via sci-universe)


What I mean when I say “I can’t do that”- Anxiety Version:

  • I am unable to do that
  • I am too stressed out to do that
  • I cannot face the humiliation of attempting to do that
  • My body will physically not allow me to do that
  • I am on the verge of a panic attack
  • I cannot do that

What people hear:

  • I am unwilling to do that
  • I am just shy
  • I am overreacting
  • I am lazy
  • I need to get more experience in social situation to help my anxiety
  • I need a push
  • I don’t want to do that

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